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Android and Web Services

Google recommends using RESTful Web services.It increases performance.  Because REST defines architectural design that focuses on system’s resources.

REST Web service follows four basic design principles

  • USE HTTP methods explicitly. CRUD operations should have one -to-one correspondance with HTTP supported operation i.e, GET, POST, PUT & DELETE.
  1. To create a resource on the server , use POST.
  2. To retrieve a resource, use GET.
  3. To change the state of  a resource or to update it, use PUT.
  4. To remove or delete a resource, use DELETE
  • Be stateless ( it improves performance by saving bandwidth and minimizing  server side application state).
  • Expose directory structure-like URIs. The structure of a URI should be straightforward, predictable, and easily understood.
  • Transfer XML, JavaScript Object Notation (JSON), or both. This allows the service to be used by a variety of clients written in different languages running on different platforms and devices.



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Advanced introduction to android

Today i came across a very nice presentation on

It explained various important topics briefly.

  1. Android Architecture
  2. Android Webservices
  3. Android Secutiry Model

enjoy the slides.

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